What is a sliding scale... and why do we use it?


In short, we base our rates on a sliding scale because we believe that what we have to offer is of value. It is our belief that horses - and the learning that happens through working with them - can have a profound impact on people's lives, and therefore it is of great importance to us to make our services as accessible as possible to anyone who wants to learn, regardless of income or financial ability. The principle of the sliding scale is pretty simple; it allows those with less money to pay less, while those with more money pay more. 


That said, horses are not cheap - by the time all is said and done, it costs us upwards of about $500/month to keep one horse, and that's not counting the time and energy that go into caring for them, nor the extensive training that goes into our lesson horses every week, as well as the months of training that they have all recieved before being put in our lesson program. 


While we completely understand if money is tight (and we will never ask questions or pressure you to pay more), the sliding scale only works if some people pay more (thereby subsidizing those who have to pay less), and we do ask that you consider the costs and the purpose of the sliding scale before deciding how much you will pay.