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How horses are teachers


Throughout my life, some of my best teachers have been horses. Why? The way I see it, there are several reasons:

  1. Horses are honest; they cannot and do not lie. If you do something the horse doesn’t like, she will tell you about it. If you treat your horse with kindness and are the leader he needs you to be, he will respect and like you. Horses are also fabulous lie detectors. If you are trying to be calm and keep your cool, but are secretly frustrated, your horse will know; they are incredibly sensitive to emotions and can pick up on how you are feeling almost instantly… Which leads me to my next point…

  2. Horses are perceptive – of emotions, of body language, of our balance issues and the tension we hold in our bodies when riding… and they will make us aware of these issues, if we learn how to listen and interpret the cues that they give us.

  3. They are forgiving. This is one of the things that, in my mind, make horses such a beautiful animal – it is always astonishing to me how, despite their immense physical strength and power, and their good memory, they are almost always able to forgive. I can't count the times I have messed up, inadvertantly treated my horse badly, or even done things I'm ashamed of, such as getting frustrated or angry. And yet the next day - though my horse remembered exactly what I had done - he was always willing to give me a second (or 3rd or 4th...) chance.

  4. They require a lot. A lot of care; a lot of attention; a lot of effort; (and a lot of money… :) Owning, leasing, or even performing the routine care that accompanies a riding lesson (i.e. grooming and tacking up the horse, cooling her down after a ride, etc.) are wonderful lessons in responsibility, empathy, and caring for another living being.


 my background it democratic education has influenced blah blah blah... etc.


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Having spent all 12 of my elementary and high school years in a democratic and academically non-coersive school (if you have absolutely no clue what I'm talking about, feel free to click here for more info), I had a lot of opportunity to explore and develop my beliefs and philosophy around teaching, learning and education.


I have also been blessed with some exceptional teachers, coaches and mentors throughout my life, who have both inspired me to teach as a career and helped shape my approach to teaching horsemanship


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"Dressage is more than just learning how to ride. Dressage is a way of life. As you learn more about horses ... and the beauty of creating something in a horse ... you find that this process becomes how you ask yourself about what is right and wrong in your own life. Because when you work with a horse, you are not just dealing with the problems in this horse , but also with the problems in your life. People grow through their riding. Or you don't grow. You have a choice, but the opportunity is there.

- Melissa Simms