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What to bring to your first lesson:

All students are required to bring the following to their first lesson:

-ASTM/SEI certified horse riding helmet (no bike/snowboard/other helmets as they are not safe or suitable). Due to COVID19 we are unable to offer loaner helmets at this time.

-Sturdy, closed toe boots with a 1" heel and minimal tread.

Riding boots are strongly recommended, but fashion boots or gumboots are ok for the first couple lessons, as long as they meet the above criteria. Please ensure your boots do not have any decorative straps/etc. that could catch on things.

-Full length stretchy pants. Breeches or jodhpurs are best, but yoga pants and leggings also work! Jeans will do in a pinch, but over time will cause wear to the saddle, so we ask that you avoid wearing them if possible.

-A face mask. Masks must be worn in the barn at all times, except with instructor permission.

Where to purchase equipment:

Greenhawk Vancouver:

Westway Feed and Hay:

Equine Essentials:


How early should I arrive for my lesson?

Please arrive 5mins early for your first lesson. after that, your instructor will tell you how early you can arrive, depending on your experience level.

Once you know how to groom and tack up independently, you may arrive up to 30mins early to prepare for your lesson.

Can I bring friends and family?

You are welcome to bring one person with you to your lesson (if you want to bring more guests, please check with your instructor first). All visitors will need to sign a waiver, and read the barn rules.

Can I feed the horses?

Every horse has a different diet, and history with food. we do not allow hand feeding of any kind, but if you are interested in learning about your lessons horse's nutritional needs, and how to prepare and safely give them their hay and grain, we would be happy to show you!


Do I need prior experience in order to take lessons?

No experience is required, just a love of horses and a desire to learn!

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